19 Nov 2009

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I have learnt so many things throughout my journey as an internet marketer. Having the right tools to perform my work is just as important, as a carpenter having the right tools in his tool box. It makes my work a lot easier and actually allows me to work smart.

So I thought I would share these resources with you also. They will definitely be tools, you will need to use as a successful internet marketer.


Without a doubt having an autoresponder service is absolutely vital for success in internet marketing.

It enables us to stay in contact with our prospects and update them on what is happening in the industry, and keep providing people with value and content.
Aweber is one of the industry leaders, has high deliverability and not only is it easy to set up but they also have fantastic support and tutorials to help you should the need ever arise; which when you first start out is highly likely :)

See what is all about here.. and even test them out for 30Days free!

Email Marketing $19/Month!


Once upon a time to build a website you had to be a HTML whizz kid, not any more. You'll find it is the easiest way to build websites in a flash. Best of all it is FREE. You can create websites with a click of a mouse and within minutes your site is up and running and hosted FREE. Have a go! Create your websites today!

I get all my domain names from 1and1.co.uk I think the domains are very competitively priced, but not only that the support @ 1and1 is awesome. When I first started out Internet Marketing, I was so clueless about many of the terms I kept hearing Domain Forwarding, Masking etc etc.. however if I ever had an issue, or didnt know how to do something I just picked up the phone and called their number which always got me through to one of their customer service guys who dealt with all of my issues, they’d talk me through whatever I needed step by step and get me sorted :).
1and1.co.uk is perfect for you no matter where you are in the world.
I would definitely advise checking them out! A great service!
Get www.yourname.com before someone else does!…

The 4 step system
Now this wasn’t available to me when I first started out online.. but boy do I wish it was!

When I started my search to make money online I really had no idea where to start, I didnt know what sytem I should be using to generate a substantial income online.. heck I barely knew what my options were.

In the 4 Step System we outline and give you the exact steps and tactics for you to take RIGHT now, that will dramatically change your life, as soon as you start putting them to use, when it comes to making money online..

I can’t even begin to give this system justice here.. So be sure to check it out below.

The 4 Step System

Monthly Club - Showing you exactly how you can make money online

Maverick Money Maker

One Week Affiliate Marketing Action Plan - Showing you the exact plan to get you making money in affiliate marketing very fast!

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Michelle Stanley's FREE 7 Day Video Boot Camp -

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