24 Dec 2009

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Get ALL the information on YourNetBiz here. Free YourNetBiz review & backoffice tour hosted by top YourNetBiz leader Michelle Stanley.
So you're looking to make money online and you have whittled it down to YourNetBiz. Before joining YourNetBiz, get the facts here on the business you are potentially going to suceed or fail in depending on your decisions now. Sorry I am just trying to be brutually honest with you. The decision you make now will effect you and your family, lifestyle and future. So I would like to help you, by providing you with all the the full facts about YourNetBiz. What you will find here are all the facts, including the facts that many other YourNetBiz mentors, won't tell you.

Why am I providing all this free information to you now?
Well, because parting with $2,995 (platinum membership) isn't easy. I want to make sure that I know that you know, what is actually involved in becoming successful in YourNetBiz.

I don't have many rich people wanting to join my team :O), so I can only guess, you are here because you want to make lots of money and in exchange for your hard earned $2,995, you want to succeed.

There are 3 important things you need to get right, before you can truly succeed in YourNetbiz and to ensure, you do not become an orphan ( a member who cannot get a hold of their mentor and is lost in the internet world, trying to find his or hers feet. Which will take you YEARS!!!)

1, Be prepared to work and learn the skills.
2, Choose the right team and gain the support
3, Choose the right mentor and gain direction and support

But before I go into all that, I'd like to introduce myself, as you may not know me. I'm Michelle Stanley (aka 247Moneymentor). I'm a top leader of both YourNetBiz and Primo Vacations and I am part of the number 1 producing team within YourNetBiz. You'll never see me boasting or bragging about how much money I earn, because that will not help you!

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YourNetBiz Review & Facts

This report is honest and it is not in my interest to scam, BS or deceive you in any way. That would NOT benefit me. My business is built on honesty and integrity and I suggest when you start in YourNetBiz, you also build your business on the same foundations if you want it to be here for the long term.

If you were anything like me when I was looking...you have probably searched and researched the internet and come across many scams and almost talked your way out of NOT looking anymore. The only reason you are still looking is you're intrigued...do people really make money online and can I make money with YourNetBiz? You also probably don't have much choice, because you need to find something and maybe your back is against the wall or about to be....or maybe you're are looking for an extra income.....

Stop searching the internet NOW! If you search anymore you'll talk yourself out of doing anything and end up doing nothing! YourNetBiz is a great business that you can work to produce the income you desire. This is the reason I have produced this report...for you to get the full picture and make an informative decision about whether YourNetBiz is truly right for you!

Read on and let's see shall we? This report will form a great part of your due diligence.

Please add this site to your favourites so you can come back to it at any point.
I don't want to sound patronizing but if you are doing your due diligence on YourNetBiz then you are halfway to becoming successful with YourNetBiz. Many people don't know what to expect and then find out months down the line it isn't for them....It's not the quick fix they were looking for. Thankfully, none of my team members do this... :o) and it is partly down to this report.

They came on board knowing what to expect!
Now...so will you!

Heard of "It's easy to make money online" or "I make thousands by doing nothing"? This is absolute BS. If it was that easy to make money online my granny would be doing it and so would everyone else in the universe.

No, it's a bit of work, I'm afraid and they'll be times when you are frustrated. There will also be times when you want to give up and just before you do, you'll see the signs of success for your hard work.

Then you stick in a little longer and then suddenly, everything falls into place. You'll make your first sale, then your second, then your third and it will be scary!!! You'll probably feel terrified because you may think that you don't deserve it. The success the money and all the effort you put in....you'll suddenly feel as if you didn't deserve it. Why? Because the work wasn't difficult and you're making more money than you ever did in your life! That's why. Did you deserve it???

Yes you did! Because to get there, you would have needed to learn some new skills.

You would have needed to learn discipline to carry out techniques, tasks day in and day out.

You would have needed to come out of your comfort zone and learn the internet ( all which I will teach via video training step by step - so even a complete novice will find t easy to learn).

You would have needed the right mind set, to continue even when obstacles are in your way.

You would have needed to believe in yourself and use the given tools to train yourself.

You would have needed to learn the skills and follow instructions.

You would have needed to do all of this for long enough, without pay to see your first sale! This is the toughest!!!!

So when your first sale does come..... I will tell you. YOU DESERVED IT! OK

So what is the one thing that most YourNetBiz
mentors fail to tell you??

That 97% of people joining YourNetBiz will fail!

Shocking isn't it? I speak to many people in other teams on the phone, who have joined YourNetBiz through other mentors who just haven't had the time to support them or even provide any supporting materials. So 3 - 4 months down the line they still haven't made any money and they give up or about to. I'm sure half give up just before the tide changes. Just before the signs of success arrives. I'm sure the other half have been on the wrong track for 3 to 4 months, doing the wrong things, because their mentor ill advised them or they had to figure it all out for themselves. This would mean that they would never see the tide or signs of success until they started again. This is tough because how do you know you are on the wrong track completely or that you are on the right track, but just need to hang in there? Your mentor...that's who. Providing you have one who knows.

Now I can tell you from experience training my team and going through this business myself that things happen.

Step 1, you learn stuff and get no sales.

Step 2, you work implementing the stuff you learnt and get no sales.

Step 3, you implement and consistently apply what you have learnt and get no sales.

Step 4, step 3 some more and you get frustrated as you still get no sales.

Step 5, step 4 some more and you are about to give up and you talk your way into trying it a bit longer.

Step 6, step 5 and you really think that you have gotten into a scam. All your friends and family were right....what do you do now.

Step 7, step 6 and you start to get phone calls and emails from people who enquire about the business.

Step 8, step 7 and you start to confidently answer questions.

Step 9, step 8 and then you get your first sale and BINGO! You have momentum.

Can you see? It's not easy is it? Some people never get to step 7 because they give up at various steps along the way.

I'm sorry to say, that with the wrong mentor, you never get to step 1,2,3,4 you may be on step c, d,e g,i,z or should I say the wrong procedure to produce the correct results.

Many successful entrepreneurs are looking at this report and they know I'm right because they have experienced the same steps in the same sequence.

Yournetbiz can help you cut out many of the above steps via various means. Which means for you, you can get success alot quicker than other businesses.

P.S the above steps may take anywhere between 3 - 6 months, realistically, I think, unless it was down to luck.

I'll be honest. I failed my driving test twice and past on the third attempt. I'm glad I did because if the driving instructor had passed me on my first test, I'd probably be dead now. I used to look at the road just ahead of my dashboard. I thought people used to have a quick look ahead at the road then their eyes would be firmly fixed to the dashboard??? Confused??? Yep, I was not lookinh in the road ahead of me, so this means I would have killed myself and I would have been a danger to others.

What has this got to do with YourNetBiz, I hear you ask? If you make sales with YourNetbiz through luck, without learning and understanding how you did it, then how can you teach others how to duplicate your success? More, importantly, when will your luck run out?

YourNetBiz is about successfuly duplicating success so that you can teach others. It should not be a bit of this and a bit of that. Without the right mentor, YourNetBiz becomes just that for 97% of people who join.

So where did 97% of people joining YourNetBiz go wrong?

They chose the wrong mentor and team.

If you have made the decision that YourNetBiz is the business that you want to use to get you on your way to a considerable income, then your vital next step is finding the right mentor. Its a bit of a minefield right?

I know because I faced this exact dilemma when I was looking to join.

I made up my mind that YourNetBiz was something that the market place needed. Because I knew that many people online, failed because they do not know how to market their business effectively.

But I also knew that my mentor would be vital to my success.

I followed the tour and then picked up the phone to 3 mentors and left messages. Only one got back to me.

What makes me laugh is that these are the exact same people that are telling the world-

“ I am here for you,” “always just a phone call away” “leave a message and I will call straight back.”

Now I was desperate to joi YourNetBiz. I wanted to give someone my money. Can you imagine, someone so busy that they cannot even call me back to take my money? How quickly do you think they will get back to me once I have joined and need support? A month, never?

This happens in all businesses including YourNetBiz, I'm afraid to say.

It's sad when someone in YNB calls me up to ask me questions and they are not in my team. I'll help anyone, but my focus has to be with my team members first.

You'll see me all over the internet and it must be frustrating that I'm so accessable when your mentor doesn't seem to be. That's what I was told by one person eho called me up wanting to change mentors so that I could become his mentor.

This is something that I won't do and something that happens on occassions with other mentors, but is difficult to do.

I asked the person who called me why his mentor cannot answer these questions for him and he replied, his mentor never returns his calls or limits conversations to 5 or 10 mins at a time and he is learning the ropes himself.

This is a bit like having 4 numbers to a 6 lock combination padlock to your future and guessing what the fith digit could be to open your success, financial freedom and dreams. Try a 6 or maybe 9 or maybe 1. It could take you a lifetime. Do you have a lifetime to learn this business? I sue don't have a lifetime to teach you!

YourNetBiz does have great training and a backoffice but there will be times when you need to ask specific questions.

So did I join the Mentor who called me back?

I sure did. He was friendly, not at all pushy and answered all my questions and he was honest. he took the time out to answer all my questions and we got on.

It's important that you get on with your mentor, that they are approachable and you certainly do not want a mentor who has so much money that they don't have time for newbies, but are happy to take the money.

I made the right decision. i hope you do too!

So what are the benefits of working with me and the Number 1 Team in YourNetbiz?

mib by you. I genuinely provide my team with 1-on-1 mentoring and support. Sadly as I mentioned there are people out there that only care about the money aspect of the business and getting as many numbers in their team without actually following up what they promise.

I’m here to guide you, from setting up, to making your first sale and beyond. I have been fortunate enough to have been taught by some of the TOP achievers in this industry, and made some great contacts along the way. It is because of this that I have learnt such an amazing wealth of knowledge, all of which you can take full advantage of.

You can rest assured that when you come across any queries or questions, I will be here to answer them for you.

I am very easily reached, email me, send a carrier pigeon:) ...whichever! I may only spend a few hours a day at my computer, but I always have my phone with me... on LOUD!

I will be as committed to your success as you will be.

mib by you. "TurnKey Marketing Group" By becoming a member in my team, you will automatically become a member of "Turnkey Marketing Group," along with some of the highest earners in YNB. We will provide you with access to our Team Training Site, where you will find information on the exact same strategies and techniques that we are using, to duplicate our Success and get you on your way to £££££ in the quickest time possible.

Not only that but YOUR new members will have access to this site also, meaning that they can duplicate too and start earning you money!

mib by you.Free Methods of marketing.

When searching for “make money online” “work from home” “internet business” etc on Google, I guarantee that you will see the same YNB members’ websites popping up all over the place in the sponsored links section.

Do not get me wrong Google is a great way to drive traffic to your website, however some of these members are earning £30k a month from YNB but what they fail to mention is that they spend £15k+ per month on Google adwords getting traffic to their website. Granted £15k+profit a month is amazing! But do you have £15k to spend on advertising right away? Hmm possibly not. Its great to have a little money put by for your advertising campaign to start with, but it is possible to get started with FREE advertising. Google is a proven way to get traffic to your site and can be started with a fairly small budget, however, I personally spend very little on Google and yet still get 100’s of targeted prospects opting into my website every month.

Myself and the team will share with you the absolute BEST strategies to use by means of free advertising, that shockingly 95% of people online don’t even know about or utilise.

It may be free but it is proven and DOES produce great results when you know how do it correctly.

Are you ready for a more in-depth look into the YourNetBiz opportunity?

I wanted to make this report as useful and informative as possible, so you might want to grab a beverage, and put your feet up as there is a fair bit of important information for you here...

So What is YourNetBiz?~ what are you selling?

Even after people have taken the time to view the tour, I still get asked this question, so if you’re still unsure, hopefully this will iron out any creases for you.

The whole concept behind YNB was to revolutionise the work from home industry, by making it possible for anyone to make money online regardless of your level of knowledge or experience within the industry.

What is the product?

If you want to make money using the internet, there is one fundamental skill that must be learned to ever be successful, and that is Marketing.

And this is where YourNetBiz stands in a league of its own, when you try to compare it to other similar programmes and opportunities online today.

The tutorials, and training are abundant and are regularly added to, and the video training is first class, what better way is there to learn something, than for it to actually be done in front of you on your screen? Not only that but you also have access to conference calls and live training webinars that will teach you how to market, these are also recorded and kept in the back office for you to refer to if you don’t have the chance to listen in live.

The majority of people who come online to make money, have absolutely no idea how to market.

There is no point having an amazing website or product if no-one ever see’s it! This is why offering a “business in a box” that actually teaches people how to market that business is so powerful.

People pay thousands of pounds to go to seminars, training weekends, workshops and courses to learn how to market effectively, but often leave overwhelmed and confused by all the information, that they have had to absorb in such a short space of time, but here you will have it all under “one roof” in the back office, which will enable you to learn from it at your own pace, and best of all it will always be there to go back too, refresh your mind and take action.

You will have access to thousands of pounds/dollars worth of incredible software(ebooks,graphics and audios),over 1800 (platinum associate), physical products & an exclusive travel club.

Huge Digital product library.
These downloadable digital products can be used to learn from and profit from, its like having your very own Amazon sat in your computer. When you want to learn about something new, you can just go to your “products section” and search by keyword the topic that you are looking for and it will list the ebooks and softwares that are available to you, just download it to your computer and refer to it whenever you need to, these products are being sold all over the internet and you have full free access to them here.
The software is predominantly based around internet business, and much of the software will be very beneficial to you to extend your knowledge on different aspects of marketing and running a home-based business.
These products will give you 100% profit, so where do you sell them?

In your very own Retail centre.

One of the fantastic things about YNB is that they are always adding to and improving to the system, most recently is the Retail centre, which is your very own online shop where you can sell all your products from.

Physical Products

The NetMillionaire Training System is like having your very own private mentor living in your home or office. It's fun to play, and easy to get others involved without telling them they're getting a real-world education in running their own business being their own boss... (Let them come to that conclusion by themselves, and then invite them here.)


This is usually the part that people are particularly interested in, and for very good reason too. The opportunity itself is one area of the YourNetBiz organisation that can really put you in a position to generate serious cash and within a relatively short period of time.

Unlike other businesses and franchises out there, you don’t need endless finances to get this set up and running, you may think that the platinum package of $2995 is quite steep, but now that I have explained exactly what is provided, I hope you have come to realise the level of training and products(the products alone are valued at over $65k) etc that you will have access is worth far more than $2995, especially when people pay that amount of money on weekend training seminars and workshops!

As previously mentioned this is a “Business in a box,” and once you get set up you can start earning an impressive income, which is unlike other business ideas, franchises etc, where you generally lose money your first year, break even second year...and if you’re still going in your third you might make some cash!

With YourNetBiz you have the real potential to be earning thousands within your first 60-90days.

You will be making $300- $2000 for each an every sale that your automated system closes for you.

Lets be very conservative here...

Imagine just 1 platinum sale a month... $2000 (thats approx £1,315 GBP with today’s currency conversions!) not bad for a part time income i’m sure you’ll agree, especially considering national average weekly wage is $900/£479 per week.

So how about 1 platinum sale per week...(£5270) thats more like it right?

How about 1 sale a day... ($85,000/£39,500 a month) wow.

Now I promised you that this was going to be No Hype, No fluff-and believe me I’m not going back on my word...

But i am just trying to make it clear the potential of this business, granted its not likely that you’re going to be earning £40,000 in your 1st couple of months, but the potential is there and people are making that and even more! I’m sure you’ll agree that it is well worth working at it, if you could be earning figures like that 6-12months from now.

Compensation Plan.

YourNetBiz uses a proven plan where you get paid from your very first sign up, unlike other programmes where you have to wait until your 3rd sale before getting paid, not only that but the way it has been planned with a wholesale/retail model, you get paid first, and then you pay the company...not the other way round.

Therefore meaning there is no waiting till the end of the week/month for the company to pay you as each and every new member pays you direct, however you would prefer, wire-transfer, cheque, online site (similar to paypal.)

You will also earn from every direct member below you that brings members into their team, you will get a proportion of every single sale that they make..for life.

That is true perpetual leverage and can have you earning profits for months and years down the line. A true residual income!

Now what you need to know is that YES you can upgrade if you join in at a lower level but there will be an increase of 20% in cost when you choose to do this. The price plan is laid out so that anyone with any budget can start their own YourNetBiz.. and granted maybe you are only in a position to go for bronze or silver at the moment..

But if you’re sat there thinking-

“well maybe i’ll just join at bronze and see how it goes!”

Then you are starting this with completely the wrong attitude. Very few people join at bronze and those that do usually don’t make a real success of the business, possibly because they joined with the attitude of

"If it doesn’t work out i’ve only lost $495, it could've been worse"

and therefore don’t actually put in the effort required, as they already think that they're going to fail from the start.

FACT This business is making its members thousands. If you treat it as a business as opposed to a hobby..you WILL make money.

Another question i often get asked...

What is Outsourcing?...how is this business automated?

Who-ever you are where-ever in the world, there are only 24hrs in a day, and the majority of those involved in a business opportunity fail because they simply cannot keep on top of everything.

The day to day tasks of phoning people, taking calls and explaining their products to prospective buyers is a large portion of their day.

YourNetBiz was produced to bypass the key factors that cause 95% of homebased business owners to fail; by outsourcing the selling and telling part to PBA’s.(personal business associate) or pa as i call mine ;0) she hates me for it. I refer to my PBA as my pa, on my sites as it is easier for people looking into this business to understand.

If you choose to, then there is absolutely no reason why you should ever need to answer prospects questions about the business.

The tour takes care of the biggest part straight away, as i’m sure you’ll agree it is pretty impressive and very informative. (yes a little hypey- i am british after all and we’re not used to that kind of thing, right? :) but it serves its purpose, it gives prospects all the necessary information that they need to know about the business, clearly and concisely...and i’m not sure whether you have taken advantage of requesting a call back, but the PBA’s are all hand-picked, highly trained and very professional, they are not there to batter an answer out of your prospects! But are there to follow up, answer questions so that prospects are able to make a decision.

Your business will sift through the time-wasters for you, and when you have an interested prospect then you will be notified accordingly, regardless of whether you're at home, on holiday or socialising with friends and family.

Your MyinternetBusiness is the shop that never shuts, whatever time of day, it is always there for people to visit, view and join.

You don’t ever need to "sell" this opportunity to anyone, your number one job is getting people to look at the site in the first place...MARKETING. That is your one and only job, leave the rest of it to the system that has been put in place, to make your life easy.

Can you really make serious money with YourNetBiz?

This business will only be as profitable as YOU make it, you cannot rely on anyone else but yourself to build your business.

I can teach you all the best strategies that myself and our team are using to generate traffic and turn them into sales, but if you don’t take action and apply these techniques, then you will not be successful.

If you follow my advice, and most importantly take ACTION with that advice; and are consistent with your efforts, then I guarantee that you will earn money from this business.

How can I say that? Because I am no smarter than you are. There are no special powers that I possess that you don’t, I am a normal genuine person.

I just know how to market myself and my business and if you’re willing to learn, then I am here to teach you.
None of the marketing methods that we apply are complicated or difficult, they are surprisingly simple, but most importantly very effective.

There is only one thing that may be different between me and you. But only you can answer truthfully...

I had the foresight to recognise the potential of YourNetBiz, and instead of just recognising it, I took action, because I have the enthusiasm and drive to make myself successful, improve my lifestyle and never have to worry about joining the the rat-race again.

Making money is most people’s initial goal, but once you start making good money, money itself becomes less important, and the freedom that it provides you with will become the ultimate achievement.

The reality is that if you surround yourself with the right people, treat this like a business, and take action on what you learn, your yearly income, can be turned into your monthly income. This is not hype, this Fact.

Is YOURNETBIZ the right homebased business for you?

As I previously mentioned this is only something that you can decide. I know thats a rubbish answer but only you can decide what is best for YOU. Go with your instincts, they are usually right :o)

YourNetBiz was created to teach anyone, with any level of experience the necessary skills required to carve themselves a career in the marketing industry. The knowledge and skills that you will learn in the coming weeks and months, can be applied to any business. As soon as you master the art of Marketing then the world is your oyster, because these skills will stay with you for life.

From viewing the compensation plan earlier, its clear to see that YourNetBiz was designed for those who do have initial start-up funds readily available.

To join YNB you will need a minimum of $495 to get signed up, plus an ongoing monthly fee of $59 for subscription to the “marketing system” which covers the admin of the website, support, hosting and back office.

It is suggested that some funds set aside for advertising and marketing are recommended, which will help you get kick started, but as previously mentioned there are so many free ways that we will teach you, that do produce great results, however they will require a little more time on your part to put into effect.

Once your business is up and running and profits start to be made, it is then a good idea to take a small portion from each sale for your continued advertising and marketing budget, and I’m sure you can see why this makes sense, as this will enable you to keep building and expanding your business, which in turn undoubtedly will expand your wallet too:o)

Please remember that i will explain and teach you where to market effectively to get a good return.

What to do now!! Take immediate action

Take the tour. Request a call back - fill in your name and email below to view the tour.

If you still have some unanswered questions, then speak with my PBA (pa) who will be happy to go over things for you. My PbA knows the team very well and will be able to answer any further questions that you have about the Business, or any questions that you would like to ask with regards to working with myself and the team.


If you decide this business is for you- then come on board with me. You do this by clicking on the sign up button below and filling in the details. I’d be happy to welcome you to the Team.

sign up

If you have NOT joined with YourNetBiz yet and you would like to talk with me, email me and we can arrange a time to talk,

I hope that this report has lived up to or surpassed your expectations, and has given you a little help and guidance in making your decision. And I trust that you will take action on the advice that I have given you. From the start, I intended for this to be honest, down to earth and informative, so hopefully for you I have achieved that.

If you decide that the YourNetBiz opportunity is not the right opportunity for you, then I sincerely hope you do find whatever it is that you are looking for.

But~Please be aware of what it is that you are passing up. I guarantee that you will not find a better home based business than this opportunity. Your decision won’t impact my life, because I will still be here mentoring others to success...but it could definitely impact yours.

“You can have anything in life that you want. If you just help enough other people get what they want.”

~Zig Ziglar

The above is my personal motto too:) Of course I am in this industry to make a great income and provide myself and my family with a better lifestyle, but I get a huge sense of satisfaction, achievement and pride from being able to mentor and teach people all the necessary skills that they need to be able help themselves and better their life and circumstances.

Take a peak of YournetBiz's backoffice here;

Are you excited! You've read the review and facts. You have now viewed the YourNetBiz backoffice so there is only one more thing to do, and that's

1. You're ready to join YourNetBiz, in which case, click the join now image below and choose which YourNetBiz package you'd like to purchase (please note the Platinum package includes Primo Vacations - online premier discount travel club home business). So you get 2 businesses for the price of one.

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2. You'd like to know more information. You'll get my FREE 30 page YourNetBiz report, 7 day Show Me The Money video boot camp and you'll go straight through to visit the YourNetBiz tour. You'll continue to receive YourNetBiz and primo Vacations information from me. Does that all sound good to you? Just fill in your name and email below to receive all of the above :o).

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WARNING: Do not start with YourNetBiz or any YourNetBiz mentors until you have read this site and read through my FREE 30 page YourNetBiz Report (please see immediately below). This site will reveal the truth behind YourNetBiz and what you are not told. Increase YOUR chances of making money online with YourNetBiz here.

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